Atmos - Where Do I Belong (Iboga Trance)

Atmos - Where Do I Belong (Iboga Trance)

Artist: Atmos
Title: Where Do I Belong
Label: Iboga Trance
Format: Digital (MP3/WAV)
Release date: Out now!


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Release information:

We at Iboga Records are proud to present another release on IBOGA TRANCE - this time by no other than the man, the legend - ATMOS!

Sweden-based Thomasz Balicki has been an integral part of the progressive scene for well over a decade, and we can safely say that many consider him a legend. With trendsetting hits like “Klein Aber Doctor” and “The Only Process” as well as classic albums like “Headcleaner” and “2nd Brigade” he has inspired thousands of musicians, DJ’s and music-listeners across the globe as well as influenced the direction of the progressive psychedelic trance scene.

This new EP includes two tracks somewhere on the borders between progressive house and psychedelic trance - the grooves are elegant and laidback, and the melodic elements are trademark Atmos. Subtle and with a quite unique blend of both futuristic sounds and retrospective atmosphere.


01. Atmos - Where Do I Belong
02. Atmos - Transport To Another