Label: Harmonia Records
Territory: Worldwide


 Behind Drip Drop is Michail Chavales , a 34 years old Greek born in Athens in 1983. Michael's interest in electronic music started in the early 90s.He slowly started producing music in 2005 while he is studying sound engineering in SAE institute and in 2009 he joined Harmonia rec family and  makes his first release under the project Ridden . Meanwhile and after performing in events around the world  the idea of Drip Drop was born and immediately Michael started to  work on these new basis. In 2014 the  Drip Drop Album was released from Harmonia, by knowing big success in most of the dance-floors worldwide. Since then, and after participating in some of the biggest festivals around the globe  and releasing quite enough tracks for VA’s and compilations  , for 2018  Michael  is going to present you the new adventure  “Drip Drop in Lost City”, the second full album of Drip Drop coming soon from Harmonia Records .Stay tuned for more and don’t forget 2 “drop”…...