Evil Oil Man

Label: Zenon Records
Booking: info@fm-booking.com
Territory: Israel


Matthew Swain, aka Evil Oil man, is a  music producer born in the South East of England UK.  He is considered a valuable  label artist for Zenon Records for his unique style of electronic music  .
First out starting in european festivals in 2013 , and later moving to Australia in 2014 he then established his connection’s , sound and bond with many of the Zenon records and Aussie crew in the Melbourne music scene . His live set consists of a mash up of deep dubby soundscapes and basslines, glitchy textures, and funky progressive minimal psychedelic swampy beats , also with elements of humour for good measure .
His productions range from dark progressive , glitch-hop , dub ,techno and generally challenges a huge range of genres in a diverse
, inventive and abstract way!
Best enjoyed in the sunshine or the night time his distinct sound have been grooving dance floors all over the world . With tours along the East coast of Australia , Brazil , and all across Europe Evil oil man has been performing at such festivals as Mateirya festival ,Ozora , Lost theroy , Boom festival 2014-2016 ,
Utopia Landing , Earth frequency, Universo paralelo ,Festival Ometeotl Mexico ,progressive DM7 and many more .
With lots of upcoming new music to be released 2017 will be an exciting year for these new sounds to be shared on the dancefloor .